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Accident Insurance

What is Accident Insurance?

Accident insurance is insurance that covers expenses due to an accident. An affordable accident insurance policy can assist you in paying for the expenses that are not completely covered by your major medical insurance. If you have an accident and you cut yourself in the kitchen or your kid gets a broken arm or sprain playing ball, you usually have to go to the emergency room. Under most health insurance policies you aren’t covered until the deductible plus a co payment is met. The next month if someone else gets hurt, they are still not covered because you have to meet the deductible on your health plan for that person. When comes to accident insurance there is little or no deductible.

Why Accident Insurance?
Even if you have health insurance you still need an accident plan. Most people think that they don’t need accident insurance because if they are in an accident their car insurance will pay. They don’t think about all the other accidents around the house or from playing sports. Most health plans require you to meet the deductible for at least two people and many plans are going to three before everyone is covered with no additional deductibles. This means that you end up paying the whole bill in most cases. After all deductibles are met there is still co-insurance.