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Non-Appearance Insurance

Non Appearance Insurance

Considering protecting your losses in the event that your event cannot proceed due to the non appearance of a specific individual or group?

Non appearance insurance protects those with a financial interest in the appearance of any key person or persons such as entertainers, dignitaries, performers, artists and public speakers at many types of events and within any industry including commercial, sports and entertainment. This can include event organizers, promoters, managers, venues and ticket agencies.

Cover can include protection for your costs and expenses incurred or loss of profit or gross revenue following the non appearance of the key personnel due to unforeseen circumstances such as:

Unavoidable travel delays

Death, Injury, Illness or Incapacity of the individual or group

Venue unavailability due to damage

Failure of television transmission and or video signal following electrical or mechanical breakdown

How do I get a Non Appearance Insurance Quote?

Each policy is bespoke to your event and your needs and is based upon the individuals/ groups age, medical history, location of the event and history of appearances.

To get a non appearance insurance quote please contact CCIC to discuss your requirements