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Prize Indemnity Insurance

Prize Indemnity Insurance enables you to offer a risk-free large prize for a fraction of the prize value.  It can be used as a way to attract a crowd, create a buzz, and make any event exciting and unique.

With Prize Indemnity Insurance, you benefit from increased visibility, name recognition and increased sales while resting assured that you are protected from any unnecessary financial liability.

What is an insured promotion?

A promotion backed by insurance that allows for a mega-prize to be awarded for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits include:

  • Allows you to leverage your promotion budgets
  • Provides incentive for consumers to engage
  • Big prizes such as $5,000,000 cut through the clutter

Types of insured promotions:

  • Skill-based, including hole-in-one, basketball shots, football tosses, etc.
  • Match & Win
  • Text & Win
  • Collect & Win
  • Online Promotions
  • Scratch & Win
  • Probability Games

We also offer Weather-based promotions!

Why a Prize Indemnity Policy?

The size of the prize is what makes everyone's eyes grow wide. But how can a company or an agency's client bankroll a $100,000 Hole-In-One, a $500,000 Match & Win or a $2,000,000 Collect & Win, without jeopardizing their budget?

With Spectrum everyone wins. A brand or company benefits from increased exposure, name recognition, store traffic and increased sales. Budgets are predictable because there's no chance of ideas costing more than expected. And the consumer gets the opportunity to win a Mega Prize and have a lot of fun along the way.

We provide you a real insurance policy with real financial guarantees, not merely a business contract.

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