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Weather Promotions Insurance

Weather related sales promotions are a creative marketing tool used for product promotions. This product allows any business the ability to create distinct marketing campaigns surrounding weather perils and productadvertising.

Rather than offer your clients the "traditional" sales schemes (10%-20% off, etc), offer them the opportunity to win their purchase for free. Take the amount of total dollars it would cost you to run a sale and use it to structure a weather related sales promotions. Turn the weather from a simple daily topic of conversation into a promotional marketing partner that attracts customers and drives sales.

CCIC can provide you with a unique weather related sales promotional program that will:

  • Increase sales over a given time period.
  • Create public relations opportunities.
  • Offer consumers a compelling reason to make a purchase from you TODAY!

How does a Weather Related Sales Promotion Work?

The basic premise of a weather promotion is as follows:

  • If a certain weather event occurs on a predetermined day, consumers receive a full or partial refund on all purchases made during the promotion period.
  • Easy to communicate to consumers and most importantly easy to execute.
  • The costs associated with these programs generally run between 1% to 5% of estimated sales.

Promotion Examples:

  • Imagine advertising to customers that if it snows 6' or more on New Year's Day, all purchases made from Thanksgiving to Christmas would be FREE or
  • Purchase any jewelry set in the month of January and receive a full refund if the temperature goes below 32 degrees on Valentines Day or
  • Purchase a car in the month of June and get your entire financing free or lease free if it goes above 90 degrees on the 4th of July or
  • Purchase a furniture set in the month of March and receive a full refund if it rains on Mother's Day or
  • Purchase a boat in the month of May and receive your entire financing free if rains on Memorial Day - the promotional ideas are endless!

Utilize any of the major holidays to structure a unique advertising campaign surrounding the occurrence of a certain weather peril. The ideas are endless and All-Weather Insurance Agency will assist you in developing a promotion that will attain your goals.

  • Choose the sales date(s) of coverage, peril date, peril of choice, estimated insured sales amount and let CCIC do the rest.
  • Policy pays the agreed value if the specified weather condition occurs.