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Are you paying for your Health Insurance?


STM Health Plan

STM is a great health insurance alternative. STM tends to be cheaper than ACA/Obamacare and has many of the same benefits.

  • Obamacare alternative switch today for lower cost
  • Bridge to Medicare
  • Students coming off Parents Policy
  • Missed enrollment period
  • COBRA recipient

Benefits of STM health insurance

STM offers the kind of flexible, fast coverage you need for those dynamic times of change in your life. With STM health plans you can:

  • Get covered fast, as soon as the day after application
  • Pick your deductible amount from several options
  • Pick your length of coverage, 1 to nearly 36 months
  • An extensive network with 1.3 million physicians and other health care professionals and approximately 6,000 hospitals and other facilities
  • Get generally lower premiums than with ACA/Obamacare plans